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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hilary Duff

Por Ti Hi
Originally uploaded by HilaryDuffRocks.
Hey sorry I haven't updated been very busy with my life and school problems.This time this message is about me not Hilary Duff!Well don't you hate it that people behind your back been talking about you and your just tired and blow up like a bomb.Thats what went through I just got so mad and starting calling her names and saying that Ive been freakin nice to her and keeps talking about me like back off.Comes out with this theory saying that I was a Lizzie Maguire Wannabe like how stupid can you get her name is Hilary Duff plus I don't want to be her shes got her own thing going and I have my thing going on to were completely different from each other!I am really tired of her she thinks shes so pretty but nobodys perfect I'm not even perfect!In my mind saying Like "Back Off You Suck Miss Hot Girl Wannabe Go".Right now really MAD!!!!


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