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This is about my life and also about information about stars and news about them! Please come again and spread the word around! Thanks you rock!
Monday, March 28, 2005

My Diary Entry My life Changing

Originally uploaded by HilaryDuffRocks.
Like I had said earlier that poeple are mostly stop hating It has been such a relieve you know!But the only one that Ive been in touch has been with this website expressing my feelings,expressing what I truely am,cause what I am, is that I like to keep my life in privite that is so me!I don't go telling who I like and telling what I feel, you must be like a person that I really trust!Cause sometimes I am scared that people know everything about me.Yeah sometimes or always wild and crazy cause that is the person that I am I won't be another that is does not expresses me in otherways that would be just a fake cause I won't make myself better whether people like me or not.If they like me for the person that I am great but if they don't who cares the only thing I need to worry about me is to love the person that I am!People consider me what a crazy person I am I go to them "What do you have a problem with me" I bet that they are just a fake !I like the people that I can hang out with cause I can laugh at myself and make a total joke of myself if I fall to the ground I start laughing at myself and yeah people are laughing at myself who cares!I like the way I am and the way what I feel!Cause everything has been changing!My life has been sometimes a runway and sometimes in the darkness and also been in the sun shining bright!
But I still need to deal with it!


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