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This is about my life and also about information about stars and news about them! Please come again and spread the word around! Thanks you rock!
Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My Life

Originally uploaded by HilaryDuffRocks.
Hey as you can see this is Evan Rachel Wood.In this entry it's another part of my life but of course in words!Well as you can see my life can be difficult and won't always be easy cause you never know how many poeple and really hurt your feelings and hate you and you never know if one of them is your friend or will be?Well i have had alot of friends that have betrayed me and have caused me to cry from the anger I hav between them.Well this yeah it has been difficult for me and one of my friend's cause there are so many people that have been talking things about us and talking S**t about us and that does not make us wellcomed they just want us to leave and let them rule their kingdom!That's why sometimes I feel like I am the most hated person!My life isn't easy nor other people's cause life can be so unfair and we try to make it better while other are getting it so easy and have a great life.Everything is so difficult and everytime it will be like that and you just need to be tough whether you feel unwanted but try to make it easy!That's what I do!There is one guy that is sometimes is nice but then he's all like i don't know you and I really hate that cause I want to be respected by the person that i am when I'm crazy,wild,and funny he and other's would and should respect that and they have to understand that!


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