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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Diary Entry

Give me a kiss =P
Originally uploaded by MaD Gi®L•™.
Hey Whats Up!
Hey today was kinda messed up cause I told a guy he was an asshole !But you know what i just didn't mean that there's something about him that makes me so crazy!So like different!
My friend is tired that I am talking about him!Sometime's I just want to go to lunch just to see him.But i know that I'm not the kinda girl cause while he like's hip hop I like Punk Rock I use to like that kinda music but definitly I've changed cause like I was so hated and this yeah I just got a big relieve.But I still want to be what I am today i think of changing but I just can everybody knows me like how I dress he say's that he is a skater boy well i think it's true, well honestly i thought he was like a punk cause he likes the doors i think and other kind of rock bands but i just like him the way he is, it's hard!
Well bye!


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