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Monday, June 13, 2005

Not enough (short song)By Anaisa Garcia

Sitting here/(By Anaisa Garcia)
I figure out this aint working out/(By Anaisa Garcia)
I know I was so pitty/(By Anaisa Garcia)
But this aint so easy/(By Anaisa Garcia)
I try to see things that I just don't feel/(By Anaisa Garcia)
It's hard making this pain heal/(By Anaisa Garcia)
I know that this aint so much hate/(By Anaisa Garcia)
But I wonder why I'm so mad at you/(By Anaisa Garcia)
Cause I can't get what you want/(By Anaisa Garcia)
Cause this aint enough/(By Anaisa Garcia)
Stop being the tough guy here/(By Anaisa Garcia)
Cause your making me have fear/(By Anaisa Garcia)
This aint feeling right x5/(By Anaisa Garcia)


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