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Monday, June 27, 2005


old school
Originally uploaded by kuwait.
I'm really getting the feeling you've changed
That your like a stranger to us
Cause you've left your friend all behind
And that is such a crime
Sometimes I want to kick your ass
But there's no time for that
Cause all the things you said are in the past
I know longer feel nothing for you
I wanted to change so bad just for you
But now I am so mad
You made me feel sad about myself
I felt lost in translation
You made me go to a transportattion
And I hope you know what this means
Cause this is more than feelings
You never took thinks seriously
Thats why I was so furious at you
Cause you took everything i had
I thought you were nice but you went with that crowd and kept me so down
cause I am not concern about you anymore
but I still can not get you out of mind


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