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This is about my life and also about information about stars and news about them! Please come again and spread the word around! Thanks you rock!
Monday, July 18, 2005

Originally uploaded by HilaryDuffRocks.
Just found out that you just can't forget about the past
Cause I thought you were going to move on like fast lane
But all I got was your pain
Cause you made me go so insane
Cause now don't know why there is hate
Cause I can feel all the pain
Cause I know that i am going insane over you
Cause I feel I have fallen through
And I have fallen for you
Now everything is lost
Cause you've crossed the line
Cause I wanna shine
Cause there is no time
Cause I feel the pain
Cause I'm going insane over you
Cause I feel like I've fallen through
And I have fallen for you
Cause your like a tart
Whose stupid and dumb
Cause now i am so dark inside
It's like a roll of dice
Whether you want to go to the past or right now
But I feel like you wanna go to the past
And forget what's right now
Cause I guess that make's us the scene of the show


Blogger jellofishy said...

hey there anaisa!
I'm really enjoying your songs and stuff...
If you don't mind, I'll try and fix your layout so that everything is centered because right now a lot of stuff are just flying everywhere on the page, (or did you want it to be that way?) so yeah I hope its okay... I want you to have a pretty blog. :-)

5:43 AM  

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